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We believe in Excellence through Quality and have been providing services to our clients spread world over in the following areas

Factory Evaluations
We perform factory evaluations as part of our sourcing process. Factory evaluations are important to ensure approaching only vendors who meet the specified requirements for production and employment.

Packing and Shipping Co-ordination
As part of our services, we coordinate and supervise that merchandise ordered is packed and shipped according to your specifications. MV helps you make business in INDIA, productive and fun.

Lab Tests
If requested, we would coordinate product and packaging testing in order to guarantee that the product complies with international quality standards, or to ensure that the packaging of the product will keep its integrity until it reaches its final destination.

Sample and Quote Coordination
Once the right source is contacted we make sure the follow-up process runs smoothly keeping close contact with the vendor to promote quick responses with quotes and samples requested by our clients.

Quality Assurance
Quality delivered through the merchandise sourced is a main task at MV. Our team will ensure that the products shipped to our clients meet their specifications and international quality standards.



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